On-site Training

All of Erion's standard training courses can be run at your organisation. We charge a daily rate plus expenses rather than a per delegate rate. So, if you have a number of people who require training, running an on-site course can be very cost-effective.

Additionally, each of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Modules can be added or removed as you require. We can also add in bespoke material if necessary.

As with all of Erion's courses, our on-site courses include a complete set of materials which usually consist of a course manual and an exercise book.

Benefits of On-site Training


Cost effectiveness is only one of the reasons for opting for on-site training. One of the added benefits of on-site training is that you have a greater control over the format and content of the course.

Not only can the material be modified to reflect your exact requirements but the format of the training can be changed too. The length of and timings of the course can be changed to match your working requirements. Our instructors can vary the training method from instructor led, to workshop format to part instruction part consultancy.

Our clients use on-site training a number of different ways. A popular approach is to mix the training with consultancy.

Please call us to discuss the many ways in which we can make on-site training work for you.