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In May 2017, you have the opportunity to attend advanced IPv6 training from the world’s leading IPv6 training company. The comprehensive Implementing and Securing IPv6  course provides you with all that you need in order to plan for, design, deploy and secure IPv6 in your network. One of our most popular IPv6 training courses. This is an advanced ... [More]

The North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF) 2017 conference is to be held at LinkedIn’s headquarters (Sunnyvale, CA) on the 26th and 27th April 2017. Details can be found here. Erion’s chief consultancy and CEO Dr. David Holder will be speaking at the event on  CGN a Driver for IPv6 Adoption. Here is the abstract: Abstract The ... [More]

Google have now joined Amazon and Microsoft in adding IPv6 support to their cloud platform. However, the service is not a native IPv6 offering. Both EC2 and Azure provide native IPv6 to VMs. In contrast, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) only supports IPv6 on load balancers. At the moment GCP IPv6 support is an “Alpha trial”. So ... [More]

As the world’s leading IPv6 training company, we are pleased to announced that we will be running some of our most popular IPv6 courses in Edinburgh, UK during 2017. These include our comprehensive 5-day Implementing and Securing IPv6 course which covers all that you need to deploy and secure IPv6 in your networks. Erion has over 19 ... [More]



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IPv6 Services


Our comprehensive range of IPv6 professional and training services.


Public IPv6 Training

Join us for a public scheduled IPv6 course.

We regularly schedule public dates for our courses in public venues world-wide. Please see our current course schedule for advertised dates.

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On-Site IPv6 Training

IPv6 training at your offices.

Closed IPv6 training for your staff held at a location of your choosing. Our trainer comes to and the training can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Modular IPv6 Training

Build a tailored IPv6 course.

With Erion's Modular IPv6 Training you can have exactly the IPv6 course that you require without having to resort to bespoke training. Choose from over one hundred standard modules to create your own tailored training course.

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Training and consultancy packages.

Opt for a mixture of on-site IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy tailored to your needs. An efficent use of time and resources.

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Bespoke IPv6 Training

IPv6 training developed for you.

In the unlikely case that we don't have the exact training that you need in our standard modules we can modify or develop modules to your specifications. You can mix bespoke modules with standard modules and courses.

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Remote IPv6 Training

IPv6 training anywhere.

When you need training in difficult to reach locations or need training across multiple locations in one event we can provide a mixture of remote training over the Internet with local or cloud based labs.

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IPv6 Strategy

Creating your IPv6 strategy.

Helping you identify the key strategic decisions that will ensure the success of your IPv6 deployment. Ensuring that your deployment maximises the potential of IPv6 and identifies risks.

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IPv6 Audit

Evaluating your readiness to deploy IPv6.

Define and carry out and IPv6 readiness audit to determine what needs to be done to prepare for IPv6. Minimise deployment risks from unexpected problems.

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IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 deployment planning and implementation consultancy.

Creating a plan for your IPv6 deployment and working with you throughout to ensure a smooth deployment and transition to IPv6.

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IPv6 Security Services

How to secure IPv6.

Secure your exisiting networks against IPv6 attacks and ensure that you have a secure IPv6 deployment.

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IPv6 Address Planning

Creating an IPv6 address schema.

Use us to create an IPv6 address schema that maximises the potential of IPv6 and reflects the significant differences in addresses between IPv4 and IPv6.

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IPv6 Configuration

Specialist IPv6 configuration consultancy.

Turn to our consultants for help when you require guidance on IPv6 configuration on all major platforms and operating systems.

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Erion Professional Services


In addition to our IPv6 services, we have an extensive range of professional services providing consultancy on key areas of expertise including Windows and Linux integration and Sendmail.

Crossplatform Integration

Windows and Linux integration consultancy.

Receive expert assistance on cross-platform integration of Windows and Linux systems. Includes Active Directory integration and single-sign-on.

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Specialist Sendmail configuration consultancy.

Let us help you resolve Sendmail issues and implement new systems and services based on Sendmail.

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Consultancy in all aspects of Samba.

Need help with Samba configuration, deployment or problem resolution? We can help with all aspects of Samba across all major platforms.

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Erion Training


In addition to our IPv6 training courses you can rely on us for quality technical training on a range of specialist topics.

IPv6 Training

In our generic IPv6 courses you are taught IPv6 across all platforms. You can choose which platform you wish to use for your course exercises from Windows, Unix, Linux or Cisco IOS.

Networking Training

Training on basic and advanced networking topics.

Perl Training

Perl programming training.

Samba Training

Training on Samba the world's leading open-source implementation of CIFS/SMB and Active Directory protocols.

Sendmail Training

Comprehensive training on the open source email server application Sendmail.

Linux and Unix Training

Training on Linux and Unix.




Erion is trusted by many of the world's leading organisations.

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